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Exemple label

A concentrate of technology.

Retrieve the time spent managing your paper pricing and promotions. Relieve your employees for the tedious task of tagging labels on the shelf. Instead, manage your new pricing strategy in-store or remotely and offer a new innovative interactive experience with your products!

  • Incredible visibility under direct light (LED, SUN)
  • Different sizes and models stand to cold/hot
  • Battery lifetime over five years
  • Extreme longevity of the technology
  • Three colors screen and more
  • Seven different colors for the LED interactions
  • No more pointing on the shelf
  • Remote management
  • Efficient reliability
Our mission

Our mission, our credo, is to allow SMIs and SMEs to have access to the best digital technology so they can move towards tomorrow's world, which is already at our doorstep...

We favor the short channel to drastically reduce the investment cost and offer technical advice, services, and plug-and-play hardware. In addition, we have chosen our partners in the United States, the best within their fields of expertise.

We have developed a 'friendly use' graphical interface allowing easy remote management.

Our offer

Our offer is clear and adapted with no unexpected costs to pay. In addition, we accompany you in each step of the migration process.

From the analysis of your needs, the implementation study, and the custom development to adapt your management tools, everything is included in our packages!

We will add buttons and interactions to our graphic application if necessary because we know the expectations of each client are unique.

Our expertise at your service for your success!

Our vision for the future

Our range of services is constantly in expansion as we monitor your evolution continually and tackle new challenges. Our actions are not limited to selling but to maintain an exchange relationship to provide a digital future adapted to all structures.

Our partner is constantly developing its products and increasing the technical possibilities.

It is thus quite natural that he is the world leader and has won awards in several countries.

By working with us, you are assured of getting the best digital technology to develop your business.

Choose the best on the market

Choosing our labels means picking the best on the market in terms of E-paper technology, with durability and reliability for your business.

  • Create your commercial actions over the next following days
  • Manage your promotions and your stock in real-time
  • Add visual alert on your products according to your criteria
  • A customized display according to your graphical charter
  • Manage everything locally or from your home

Our technology allows us to work in every environment, buildings, or even on multiple floors levels.
Everything is plug-and-play.
The graphical software is "friendly use" and is easy to learn.
We include the development of a customized interface between your ERP and our pricing solution.

Exemple label

The right questions to switch worry-free to a digital pricing solution.

The choice of technology and its associated cost are not the only parameters to consider in the equation to succeed in your digital migration. It is necessary to consider induced unknowns, such as the additional cost of some requirements, which can range from the feasibility study to the specific developments that your needs require, including the delicate implementation phase.

  • What is the screen resolution?
  • What is the battery technology (standard or li-ion) with the lifetime?
  • What are the possibilities of the labels (NFC, display/lighting colors)?
  • What is the range of the access point over a vast area?
  • What is the maximum volume of labels that the system can handle?
  • Who is the contact person, the timeframe, and the cost to establish the display template?
  • Who is the contact person, the timeframe, and the cost to configure the system to my needs?
  • Who is the contact person, the timeframe, and the cost to interface the system to my ERP?
  • What is the work that needs to be done and the cost to equip the sales area?

These points are clearly defined in our solution without any additional hidden cost! That is why choosing us means to succeed in your digital transition at the right price.

Why should you choose us?

Because our motivation is to help stores be equipped with the best technology at the best price, we have created a concept that eliminates the middleman. We take care of delicate and costly operational phases end to end. Based on your suggestions, we are constantly improving our services to offer your customers a new experience in discovering your products. Our objectives are to focus on increasing your productivity and reduce every time-consuming and costly task.

We will develop a true partnership with you to converge all the forces in the same direction to reach the best result.

Consult our prices to have an idea of the budget necessary to implement the systeme in your store. On request, we can offer you financing solution.

E-paper labels are the technology of the future

The labels we offer have the following features :

  • Even with dead batteries, the data stay on the screen
  • Flash strategy with an intense 7-colors LED
  • Even under strong light, the screen is perfectly readable
  • NFC feature to redirect your customers to an application or a page
  • Control box with an incredible range
  • Large working temperature range
  • Specific label for the cold
  • Several screen formats are available


Our Main Services

The management software

Our management software is ready to use, but we can customize the design of the labels according to your needs. The management can be done on-site for a better security or directly from your home through our cloud. It is also possible to interface your ERP with our software to retrieve data and send them directly to the labels.

Visual alerts

We offer the possibility to highlight your products in a discreet and efficient way, with a palette of 7 flashing colors. Create your own color code according to your sales and/or restocking strategy. Display the status of your stock in real-time directly on the label.

A large variety of labels

We offer you a large selection of labels for your shelves or for the cold. Create a new user experience to allow the customer to discover more about your products thanks to the NFC connection (contactless), which will redirect the customer where you want (product page, promotion, etc.) in second.

Time management

Eliminate the time-consuming task of tagging each label with portable equipment to update them! Save precious time to displays your new pricing and control everything from your office or home.


Increase your ROI

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ESL Equipment :

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Maintenance and software license

0€ per year.

Return on investment :

Savings achieve from electronic shelf labels :

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Payback period :

0 months.


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